Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Dirt

Last week as I was working on our taxes, Lincoln was crawling around me playing toys and what not. As the taxes got a little tense, things got a little quiet. I actually had my camera close by and this is what I found. Not to mention, a hand in both plants at the SAME TIME!! Poor, poor plants... They simply need to go!

I was behind him getting mad at him, and he only turns his head ever so slightly and gives me this look. Fantastic. He knows he's in trouble and doesn't even care.

I went around the other side of the table to shoot through the chairs to get a better look at his face. If you'll notice the pretty orange stains on his NEW onesie, I have been TRYING SO HARD to get him to eat better. Yeah... that didn't go well either. LOL!  Pretty cute and pretty hard to keep up with!
Lately, Lincoln has been keeping me on my toes. It's been exhausting. I know this will only get worse. In fact, as I was cleaning up this mess, he managed to find his way to the bathroom and dump EVERYTHING from the garbage can into the toilet.


He SERIOUSLY thinks he's hilarious. No joke. When I found our toilet full of garbage, I was giving him a scolding while trying to keep my giggles under control. I'm going to have to work on this one (and he WILL give me PLENTY of practise) cuz he was just laughing right there with me.


I've been feel down a lot lately for many reasons. One of our friends has been in Y.W.'s with me since I was put in there (4 years ago??). I totally love this girl. She just got released and put as the Primary President in our ward. She will do amazing! However, Sunday and Wednesday night were hard for me. I miss her. Weirdest thing ever... Just not the same with out her.

A lot of girls will tell you that nothing cures the blues like chocolate. Since I'm not a huge fan of straight chocolate, I decided to make strawberry dipped chocolates. D.E.L.I.S.H!! They turned out so good. Even better, Jory doesn't care for them so I got to wolf them all down myself!

Oh were they soooooo GOOD!!


ashleyboice said...

Oh how sweet, Sherry...I miss you too!

Lindsay said...

That is the part I dread...the house plants!!!! I feel the same way about the toys already and Addie isn't even very active yet. I pick up when she goes to bed so I have some since of accomplishment when I go to bed!!!

Yummy strawberries...those are the best.