Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Comforts

Last Christmas, my sister in law gave me a gift certificate to a spa here in the city we live. I wanted to save it for after I had my baby when I was feeling really down about myself. Life just got away from me though. So a year later, I finally redeemed it. I went tonight and had a Hot Stone Pedicure. Have you had one? If not, go get one. The most amazing thing EVER!! The girl that did my pedicure was super nice and easy to just sit and chat with. Not awkward at all. So of course she scraped away at my poor, dead and dry skin, but she also massaged my legs and feet with hot stones. So comforting. After, she put my feet in a bag of warm wax. WOW... I loved it! Then she painted my toes-man were they long over due. My feet have never felt so soft or fresh. I love it! It seriously was the most amazing experience ever! And clearly, I'm living quite the boring life if I'm blogging about how amazing it was. HA HA HA!! But truly, I highly recommend you go get one or get your wife a certificate to go get one.

Seasons Salon and Day Spa
Bobbi Hunsaker

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- (¯`'·.¸ Geena ¸.·'´¯) - : said...

Okay so now I might just have to go to the spa... I think I need that today :D haha.