Friday, June 25, 2010

The Flu

We have had a rough couple of weeks in our house. Shortly after I got sick, Lincs had what I had-of course! It lasted about a week for me and a little longer on him. Since he's so little, he got it much worse. We didn't sleep hardly at all when he was sick. It was one of those viruses where you felt like you were getting a head cold, Strep Throat and the stomach flu. We are both getting better and now Jory gets to enjoy what we had. That is is why we have had a lack of postings, but will have lots more coming soon.

So needless to say, there was a lot of this...


My house (still) looked like this...


Somehow he still pulled off CUTE faces like this while being sick...


And yes, through it all-we are still attached at the hip and loving every minute of it!


I realize I'm not wearing a lick of make up here folks, but this is life. And who has time to stop and paint your face while being sick and having a sick baby?


Hansens said...

I think you still look fabulous, especially while being sick. And Lincs is just plain cute anyway :-)

Hillary and Family said...

So sorry but I think he is the cutest thing ever!