Monday, June 14, 2010

2 months Stats

Whatever I have, Lincs now has. So today we went to see Dr.Clayton just to have him looked at on top of his wellness check. Just a cold is all! He had a hard night last night. He was really congested and you could tell it was hard for him to breathe. We turned on all the hot water in the bathroom to steam it up, hoping it would help. It did until we laid him back down in bed. Since he needs his bink to get himself to sleep, this was esp difficult for him to breathe. All night he just couldn't breathe well and was so stuffed up! Needless to say, we didn't sleep much last night either.


Weight: 12.7 (yeah, he's not starving!)
Length: 23 inchs

Dr. Clayton said he is EXTREMELY alert and VERY social. Lincs kept looking at the dr and just smiled away! He said it's rare for a baby at his age to lock eyes with someone and react the way he does. Cool...
Other then that, everything went great and he is a healthy (I mean chubby healthy) boy.

Then came the shots... Oh what a sad day for baby! He CRIED!!!! After a few minutes he was done and just fine, but to see that little face was so sad for me.

On a happy note... He is a VERY cuddly baby. Lincs gets this from his Dad. (But the social part comes from me) So here's some pics of a proud Dad and his boy.


Look how strong he is!




Oh how cute is that baby boy.

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