Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Camera Onesie

What a lazy weekend! I don't know that we've left the house all day today. Scratch that... Lincs and I went to get the mail at the end of the drive way. Does that count? We took a LONG nap, snuggled up in bed. It was SO nice. I forgot that when you're sick, sometimes that HELPS! Snuggling with your baby in bed is one of lifes greatest moments! He loves to just smile and talk-love it! He's starting to become more happy which has been such a blessing.


One of Jory's good friends made some CUTE onesies for us for a baby shower gift. She made a camera and a fish and glued/sewed it to the onesie. I was so touched by such a thoughtful/personal gift. Lincs is growing so dang fast so this maybe the only time he'll get to wear this! Sad... oh well-it'll be past on to the next baby I'm sure!


Isn't he getting so chubby?? =D


I'm glad God loves me enough to send my a gorgeous baby! (Shannon-that was for you!)

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