Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jory's Santa Gig

Jory was asked to be Santa at this family party. Can I tell you what a nervous wreck he was?? We pulled up to the house and were sitting there for what seemed like forever and I told Jory, "The sooner we go in and do this, the sooner it'll be over." He kept telling me he just needed a few more minutes. We finally started walking to the house and Jory says, "My legs are going numb!" We are totally opposite in this department-I don't mind talking in public but Jory can't deal with it. Clearly, we can't relate to each other!

But it turned out well. The only people that noticed him was the kids and all the proud moms taking pics. It was a fun evening though.

Some Kids liked him...

This one did NOT...


The extremely GORGEOUS Lys!

...and her mom...

Jory's BFF (boyfriend for ever) ;)

And that concludes the fun evening!


Dave and Jaime said...

Jory's personality would make him such a great Santa! What an awesome new career choice?!

MiNdY said...

Ahh I want your camera!! Holy cow! Clear as day and it was dark in there!! That was hilarious! you forgot to put up the cute picture of you kissing Santa pants!

Sara said...

Okay, HOW SAD that I am just NOW logging on to your blog to check in on you and Jory and see these DARLING shots you took for me of all my boys! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! And how funny are they? All soooo different! Daynen is such asocial ittle bug, and yet he FREAKED out for Santa this year and Trev is my shy one and yet, he cheesed it up for Santa! Who ever knows what they are going to do! You can never predict! Thanks again! Tell Jory he has no need to worry... the Staker fam loves his Santa!