Monday, December 8, 2008

Girls Day!

We don't do girls day very often and the whole time we kept asking why we didn't do this more often. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sisters. I miss them a lot. We met up at The Gateway and went to see the much anticipated "TWILIGHT!" When it comes to people making movies out of a book, we ALL know that the movie just can NOT compare to the book, so with that said... I don't know why so many chics were baggin on it. I thought over all it was a good movie though. Most of the characters were how I pictured them in my head. It was fun to see how it all came together. I for sure was anxious to come home and re read the books though.

Here we are waiting in line for some treats before entering the theatre. We were SO excited. However... Snuff (far left and front) doesn't look all that impressed. Clearly she hasn't read the books!


Anyways, after the movie, we went to The Skybox(bar-whatever it was called) for lunch. If you haven't eaten there, you should try it out. Yumminess... Oh, the beloved cheese fries (of course as I write about all this food, I am thinking of my dear friend Ashley who shares my passion for food! ;)) People, TRY THE CHEESE FRIES!

To finish the rest of the day, we did some Christmas shopping around The Gateway. I LOVE coming here! Can't wait for the next sisters girls day! Love you girls much.



- (¯`'·.¸ Geena ¸.·'´¯) - : said...

lol... could i look more scary... no more curly hair for me :P haha. At least my sisters all look gorgeous! Sorry for being one of those chicks baggin on the movie... hehe. :0) However as cheesy as it was I will watch the 2nd one. ;) love you!

Laura said...

awww... so much fun! I want to be an honorary sister!! I loved the movie too. I want to read the books again too, but my sister-in-law is sitting on it for some reason. I don't know how she has refrained from reading it in two hours! (She does have 4 kids-- that could be it).
Miss you lots! Thanks for my birthday love! :)