Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jor vs. Lincs

Whenever people look at Lincoln, I ALWAYS hear how much he looks like his Dad. ALL THE TIME. In fact, today one of our friends said that Lincoln didn't any of Sherry's gene pool. My favorite was when my sister told me I should have named him "George Jr." Yeap, we get it all the time. After looking at some baby pics of us to determine how accurate everyone was, I thought I'd re create one of Jory's baby pics with Lincoln.

We are pretty sure that Jory is younger then what Lincoln is when we took this, but we're not sure on the exact age.

Jory 1978


Lincoln 2010


No questions, Lincoln has his Dad's eyes. However, I do believe Lincoln looks more well fed then Jory. ROFL... Lincoln is sooooo CHUBBY! I LOVE chubby babys! Other then the eyes, I think Lincoln is his own person. They both have very distinct eyes so I think that is a huge part of why everyone says what they do.

Your thoughts?

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Hansens said...

He has your hair ;-) I think he looks a lot like Jory, but he does have some of your features as well. You guys did good!!