Monday, November 22, 2010

City Of Rocks, ID-Midnight

This summer we went to Idaho when my best friend came to visit just for a baby shower. Since there's not a whole lot to do out in the middle of know where, we took her to the City of Rocks around midnight to do some night shooting. She had never tried this before and I'm pretty sure I got her hooked. Here is one of my favorite shots from that night.


LOVE IT! Don't you?

In other news... I have been VERY busy catching up on all my photo shoots. I have been soo blessed with so much to do lately! I am almost all caught up on my editing. I'll be posting a ton to my Portrait blog coming up. I feel so bad that I haven't taken any pics of Linc in weeks!!! I plan on taking some this week-that is the hope anyways! =D

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