Friday, August 13, 2010

Gifts of the Heart

We have been more then blessed with the birth of our son. Still to this day, we are receiving wonderful and thoughtful gifts. It is so overwhelming how loved we feel by all the wonderful people in our lives. We are deeply touched and are full of gratitude. So thank you ALL so much! =D

One of my old roommates called me a few weeks ago and said she and her husband were coming into town and she wanted to bring me my baby shower gift. I was so excited to see her. Jaime and I use to laugh and laugh together as roommates. So much fun! So when she dropped by and gave me this that she had made...


I was so touched. Homemade gifts really touch me for some reason. (We have received lots of homemade blankets as well-which I LOVE BTW!) I had just never seen this done before. I think this hooded towel is adorable! This will be something Lincs will LOVE when he's a little older. He LOVES bath time, eating bubbles and splashing around.

Jory had never saw the movie Cars till Lincs was born and it's now his favourite kids movie. Thanks James!!! We SOOO LOVE IT and you!

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