Monday, August 9, 2010

4 Month Wellness

Today was Lincoln's 4 Month Wellness Check up. He is doing really well. Both the nurse and his Dr said Lincs is a big kid. I get that a lot. Crazy, I think he looks normal. There must be just a lot of small babies around. Who knows. Here's what he's weighing in at...

Weight 14.9 lbs
Length 25 inches
Head 44cm


Dr.Clayton is very impressed with Lincoln's social skills. Defiantly comes from the Bennett side of the family. While we were waiting for Dr. Clayton to come in, Lincoln was looking around the room. They have murals all over the place-which I totally appreciate by the way-it kept him entertained for a while. He saw a mural of Goofy and it cracked him RIGHT UP! Seriously, he started giggling. Hilarious.


Of course we did the immunizations as well. I'm a big advocate for them. I know this can be a touchy subject for some and causes uproar, but I do stand firm in this choice. Lincs screamed after his shots. This of course broke my heart but I know it's for the best. I think he likes to nurse for comfort because as soon as I picked him up, he went right for the kill!

He fell asleep on the way home. I opened the back door to bring him in the house and he was snuggling with his rubber duckie. So (SO) cute-but poor kid!

LOVE this shot of my boy. He is ALL boy in this image. And yes, I know-he looks just like Jory.


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Jeanie said...

I love the spikey hair! He's growing up so fast! ;D