Thursday, April 3, 2008

ABC's of Me...

I was tagged by my friend Laura... and I thought this looked fun...

Attached or Single: Attached

Best Friend: Melissa, Laura, Hilary, Krista, Dayle, Shannon, Ali and Jeanie. (Sorry but I can’t just name ONE! Life would not be complete if I didn’t have EACH of these ladies in my life)

Cake or Pie: CAKE!!! Spice, chocolate

Day of Choice: Friday-so much to look forward to!

Essential Item: Chap Stick and mascara

Favorite Color: Browns and creams

Gummy Bears or Worms: Really… what’s the difference in taste? I love them both though!

Hometown: I’ve moved so much that I don’t know…. I’ll claim any part in Canada though.

Indulgences: right now… cheese and crackers oh… and Jimmy John Sandwiches!

January or July: Well, I don’t like either one that much since Laura is right, one it too hot and one is too cold. I did get married in July, so I’ll pick that one!

Kids: NONE!

Life is incomplete without: The gospel and a daily shower.

Marriage Date: July 10, 2004

Number of Siblings: 3 brothers, 3 sisters

Oranges or Apples: can’t have one with out the other!

Phobias: Death and throwing up.

Quote: “There is so much good in the worst of us, And so much bad in the best of us, That it hardly becomes any of us to talk about the rest of us.” Edward Wallis Hoch
Also… “To Love is to see as God sees.”

Reasons to Smile: Letters from dear friends, I’ve booked 12 weddings this year, Alison is coming and we’re going to San Francisco!!

Season: It’s a toss up between fall and spring. Both are so refreshing in so many ways!

Tag others: Hilary, Mindy, Ashley B. Sara and Julie

Unknown fact about me: I can burp louder then any guy I know.

Vegetarian or Meat eater: More so vegetarian-but only because I don’t enjoy the taste of meat.

Worst Habit: Procrastination-but hey, it always gets done in the end!

X-rays: Just dental ones. Gotta keep the choppers fresh! ;)

Your Favorite Food: Canadian-YES… there IS a difference!!!

Zodiac: Aries


Adam and Jill said...


I know I always say this, but once we are in and settled we really need to have you down. If you are ever in Payson, please call me and I'll give you our address so you can stop by. I don't know what is going on with Shannon, but hope that things are going okay for you. She's lucky she has a friend like you.

Laura said...

Thanks for your kind words, friend! I love you too! I've been missing you a lot lately. Hope you have a great Conf. Weekend.

Sara said...

So fun! I just did this same tag last week! Fun to read more about you! :)

MiNdY said...

Very nice to know more about you! I agree with the essential item being chapstick! I dont know what Id do without it! I also love the pictures you took of yourself! :) VeRy HoT ReD HeAd!
p.s. we miss you guys