Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The beginning of November, we went to Vegas for some family sessions I had booked down there. I was super excited as I had never been there more then once and it was a new place to shoot! It really was a lot of fun! I  got to shoot in what looked like a dessert and get to know several amazing families. We stayed with one of the families that I had met shooting a wedding last summer. I LOVED staying with this family and Lincoln loved Britteny's girls soooo much! They watched Lincoln for us one night so we could have a night on the strip. I had JUST found out I was prego and already wasn't feeling super well, but it was still fun to get out and walk around. The next day we did a few sessions and then we also went out to Hoover Dam. I had never been there either and that was amazing!!! Lincoln had so much fun! Before our session that evening, we went and stopped by the Vegas LDS Temple. It was so pretty. I love going to new places and hopefully after this baby is born, we can go on some more fun trips!

Such a funny kid!

Seriously, Lincoln was so happy on this trip! But then he was so super sad when we had to leave our new friends house!

We bought him this Cars toy on our way out to Vegas so he'd have something to play with in the car. Yeah, he LOVED that toy. He thought it was pretty dang cool. And yes, we cut his hair when we got home!

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