Thursday, May 2, 2013

Temple Square

Sunday we met Nick and Camilla up in SLC for her birthday. It was nice to see them. Afterwards I told Jory I really wanted to take Lincoln to Temple Square. Sadly, the only time I really go there anymore is to shoot a wedding. It was SO NICE not to be the "designated photographer." I just wanted to spend time with Lincoln and teach him a little about the Gospel. It was so nice and peaceful there. Hardly anyone was there which isn't normal when I am shooting a wedding! I took pics with my phone, but didn't get carried away like I usually do. Right now Temple Square is so beautiful and spring is finally blossoming!

Right now Lincoln is a pure water baby! He LOVES to be around any type of water! It's pretty stinking cute! So any time he saw a stream, pond or fountain, we HAD to stop!

He thought the reflecting pond was pretty fascinating! He wanted to take his clothes off and get in and couldn't understand why we kept telling him no!

Then he saw a dog drinking out of the pond and thought he needed to have a drink too. HA HA HA HA!!!!

How beautiful are the grounds right now?? I seriously wish we would have just stayed longer...

Since it was Sunday, I wanted to try and teach Lincoln something about the Gospel. Being 3, this only lasts about a minute. We took him to the Christus and he was pretty excited about it! He even tried saying Jesus several times with great excitement! Made me proud! They have a model of Jeruselum that Lincoln was VERY fascinated with! They have buttons you can press that will light up parts of the city and talk about what significance it was and what part Christ played. This was a HUGE hit with Lincoln. He had to press EVERY button! I love that everyone wants to take a picture by the Christus. I love even more, how when you stand under it, you can see him watching over you, reminding you that He is here for you and what He did for you.

This lady offered to take a pic of all of us. So nice of her. Love how Jory just looks super thrilled to be here!

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