Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mt Timpanogas Temple

This morning I was at one of my very favorite temples ever to shoot a wedding. It was such a beautiful spring morning and the blossoms are in full bloom-for the most part. There are beautifully colored tulips surrounding the front of the temple. I was overwhelmed by how much I love this Temple and what it means to me. I entered this Temple May 3, 2000 for the very first time to take out my endowments. It was an absolute amazing experience for me, one I will never forget nor regret. My parents were there with me and I just remember feeling so clean, pure and HAPPY. I felt the Savior's love for me so strong and I knew I was making some serious covenants. I knew the Lord was please with my decision. The interior of this temple is one that I love as well. It is so bright, cheerful and gorgeous.  The celestial room is beyond exquisite and every time I sit in there, I just want to stay forever. I feel so at peace and even though there are things that may not be going well in my life, I can sit here and it all just goes away and I am reminded that I am His daughter and He wants me to be happy and have the best in life. I know He has a special plan for my life. Every time I am here shooting a wedding or walking around the grounds, I am reminded of my amazing day 13 years ago. This is my special place and always will be. Perhaps I will take my little love here tomorrow...

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