Sunday, August 5, 2012

The New York Guggenheim

My mom does a lot of traveling for her career. This spring she generously flew all me and my sisters out to New York with her on one of her trips. We were so dang excited. Steph and I had talked a lot about all the different things we wanted to see. One of which was the Guggenhiem Museum. Both of us LOVE going to art shows and museums. We didn't get to see all of them because there was SO much to do and so little time. My friend Adam and I texted about which ones were a must see and I am still sad that we didn't get to those ones. NEXT TIME!

 Steph and I both had the same teacher at UVU for our History of Art classes. We LOVED her and both fell in love with not only Art History, but wanting to see the many art pieces we learned so much about. One of which was the Guggenhiem. So day one, we went there and WOW... it was AMAZING! I not only loved all the art inside, but I LOVED the leading lines. I became obsessed with leading lines in New York. You would have thought I was Autistic or something. Anyways, here it is through my lens!  Enjoy...

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