Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NY: Statue of Liberty

I LOVED going to see the Statue of Liberty! It was amazing. We took the ferry ride out to the Island and just explored a little bit. The Statue itself is just HUGE!! I couldn't even believe it! I am beyond grateful that I had the chance to go and see so many new and amazing things. My mom was telling me she is going back again at the end of this month and I seriously want to go back with her so bad! I was REALLY sick on this trip. I can't remember being this sick since pregnancy and I really don't get that sick that often, but this was bad. At times it was hard to be there just because of how bad I felt. Looking back, I don't even remember being sick-I just remember exploring so much and eating DELISH cheesecake.

I seriously have such GORGEOUS sisters! I was so sad that Camilla couldn't join us!

I am NOT short, she is just REALLY tall!

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