Monday, August 13, 2012

3 Temple: 2 Days

Last weekend Jory and Lincs went camping with the Wards. I stayed home and worked. I had a double wedding weekend and it was CRAZY! I went up to the Logan Temple on Friday the 3rd and then as I was driving down the canyon, I remembered hearing the Brigham City Temple was going to be opening up next month. I figured it would still be a while before I got back up this way, so I decided to stop by and take some pics of it. Seriously, this is a GORGEOUS Temple!! The next day I had a wedding at the Draper Temple. LOVE this place!! Seriously, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! And let me tell you, this wedding was something else! Here are the pics from the Temples I shot at!

This week I am shooting 4 weddings at 4 different Temples. Are you kidding me?? Please wish me luck!! This is one of the busiest wedding weeks of the year as school is starting back up in a week or so! Stay tuned for those pics! lol...

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