Monday, August 27, 2012

A Weekend in Almo

We went to Idaho last month with our friends the Petersons. It seriously was a lot of fun. I had a few photo sessions up there and man were they FUN! There are A LOT of photos, but I took like 400 plus, so this was the best I could do in narrowing them down . There were babies EVERYWHERE and a lot of energy! They all wanted to play outside ALL.THE.TIME!! Then there was Lincs. That kid is on the move always! He wanted to play in the puddles, see the horses, chase the kittens, drink as much soda as we'd let him (yes, he's just like his father) hold the kittens, throw the kittens and just RUN! We seriously were ready for a coma after this weekend of chasing him around! As much as we love going up and seeing family and hanging out with our good friends, it wears us right out chasing that boy everywhere! lol...

How gorgeous are these kids?!

Love Lincs facial expression watching B in the puddle. "Mom, I think she is more crazy then me!!" lol... So CUTE!!

I swear this is Lincs little twin! They are so much a like!

My little devil child disguised as a cute little boy! He is OBSESSED with kittens! He just wanted to hold them and pet them. Then... he'd get this evil, mischievous look on his face and we KNEW what was coming! He all of a sudden THROW the kitty! Man was it driving me nuts! There are reasons I won't own animals anymore!

Whosever this truck belongs to... THANK YOU!!! We had a few minutes of peace from him running wild EVERYWHERE!

Soda... BLEH! I vowed I would NEVER let my kids drink soda. Must have forgotten I was married to a Ward! I am domed now!

Look at these CUTE little faces!!! LOVE THEM!

Little G!! She is so dang sweet! I totally adore her!

Yeap, there he goes again trying to get the kitties!

A classic moment of him throwing the kitty off the chair. Keep your animals away from my kid!

And we're back to the kittens...

He just couldn't get enough!

He kept trying to climb up the kitten house to get to them. Clearly they were trying to stay the heck away from him.

Found him on the couch asleep like this! HA HA HA HA!! He NEVER falls asleep like this either!


LOVE this pic of B!

And this one too!

This is pretty much what the rest of the gang did. The WHOLE weekend.

LOVE him!

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