Saturday, July 30, 2011

Off the Grid

I know this is a family blog and all, but last night I got a comment from one of my dearest friends on Facebook that kinda nailed how my life has been. She said how she knows when I get super busy because I fall off the grip and I start posting a lot of amazing photos. LOL... I totally feel like I have fallen off the grid! Jory and Lincoln went with Jory's family to Red Fish Lake this week. I was soooo excited to be at home by myself for about 5 days. I thought it would be very peaceful and relaxing. Maybe, just maybe, I'd even go out with a girlfriend one of these nights. Well, that I will! Only... it's to team up to shoot a wedding! I have shot 38 babies again this month at the hospitals, gone to Nauvoo, shot sessions on my own almost every other day and today I am shooting a wedding while hosting a shower for my sister inbetween the bride's ceremony and reception. This week, it's been pretty much every day sessions-one day it was mulitple sessions. I am in NO WAY complaining here-just simply stating the facts. Yesterday I cleaned up my house, stayed up late editing the wedding from Nauvoo-not even half way done of course. I made chocolate covered strawberries for my sister's shower today, ran a ton of errands, printed and picked up orders for my wonderful brides!

Right before I left for Nauvoo, I didn't have anything on my books for July and I was a little nervous. I came home and my books have been filled clear till almost the end of August. Last week, I booked two weddings in one week. ??? AWESOME! At the beginning of this year, I had this feeling that it was going to be a good year with photography. That it has! I have been so dang blessed! I was worried that I would have to go back to the Dental field and I didn't want to do that because they work long hours. I have been so happy not to have to go down that path! So now that you are caught up on my crazy life, let me share with you what I have been up to! (well, just A FEW anyways...) ;)

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