Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crappy Week

It all started Sunday night coming home from dinner from a friend's house. We were driving home and had made it to Lehi when the car died on the freeway. Yes. AGAIN. I was so mad. It was really late and we sat in our car baffled not knowing who to call. I told Jory we just need to make some friends cuz we don't seem to have any! Jory called his BFF Cort and luckily they were driving back from their trip to Idaho. They were still in Ogden however. I got on the phone with Melissa and asked her to see if she could find some numbers of a tow truck to haul the piece of crap away. There was only ONE person that answered his phone and he said it would cost $125. REALLY?? Are you insane? Not even 10 MILES?? Cort and his family arrived to take me and Lincs home. We got there around midnight and by this point, I was just ready to THROW UP!

The next morning, Lincoln had woken up acting like he had the stomach flu, my babysitter had called last minute saying she couldn't watch Lincoln at all this week and we both had to work and were down to one vehicle. Oh man, I could tell this was going to be a bad week. Jory said I just needed to stay home with Lincoln today since we didn't have a sitter, he was sick and we only had one car. However, it just doesn't work like that. People in the real world unfortunately don't care if you're having a crappy day. So I told Jory we would just have to go to work in shifts. Since I only had 3 babies to photograph, I went first cuz I could shoot them, come home and do my editing and uploading from home. My car was ready that evening and it was only the fuel pump that went out. I say "only" because last time it was the engine. Still, close to $700 dollars later (including the towing bill) I was bummed out.

Tuesday, Jory went with some Rock Solid boys to Canada to cut (or maybe the right word is mark) corn mazes. I knew I was in for a long week because I ended up having to cover a shift for a girl that got sick, work 3 days, shoot 2 night and find a sitter for Lincoln. Our stake girls camp was this week so my options were very limited. Keep in mind I have like no friends these days so I was already limited! ;) All week long I was frantically searching for a sitter and super stressed about it.

Work this week has been CRAZY! I ended up shooting 18 babies at the hospitals. I truly love this job and would love for it to work out, but I miss my boy and I miss being a mom. Some people say it gets easier to leave them as time goes on. Well, for Lincoln and I, it hasn't. We belong together you know? Because of the instability of him being with a lot of different people this week he doesn't really know, he's been having MAJOR separation anxiety. My house is as trashed as it can be down to the sticky (I mean SUPER STICKY) floors and there's not a lot I can do about it because he is scared to be with out me right now. My mom was here yesterday and was in awe about my floors being so gross. After spending the day with us and seeing Lincoln freak out anytime I got up to just go get something, she realized WHY my house looked so bad.

Friday morning I woke up and was getting Lincoln ready to take over to my sister in law's house. I was determined it would be a good day. As I sat down to eat my cereal, I noticed that it was NOT cold at all. I was, once again, baffled at what was going on in my life! I went to the fridge and much to my delight ;) found out that somewhere in the night, the fridge had stopped working. AWESOME!!! This was JUST what I needed. I was beyond depressed by this point and decided to just leave the house. I couldn't deal with it! I went to work and shot six babies and left to work from home. I was super bummed that most of the moms kept telling me how poor they were and that they couldn't buy anything (keep in mind this job is commission only). I kindly let them know if they didn't want me to shoot, it was ok. They INSISTED that I still shoot pictures even though they weren't planning on buying any. Weird...

I went to pick up Lincoln around noon and Geena mentioned he had not been a happy boy. I felt SO bad! She has enough stress already and has 3 kids she's looking after. I went home thinking he'd cheer up, but he just didn't. Finally, I stuck my finger in his mouth and sure enough, there were THREE molars coming through. Yikes! I guess that explains it.

I was suppose to shoot a wedding Friday night, but with Jory gone and not really having many options as far as sitters, I had to let the wedding go. Good thing I was only assisting another photographer! It would have been nice because I miss shooting weddings and with my credit card about maxed out with fixing both cars and having to purchase a new camera (old one was breaking down), I REALLY could have used the money. In the end, it was better that I stayed home. Lincoln needed his mom. We spent the evening cuddled, watching movies. We went for a evening walk to help calm my nerves (I'm pretty sure I've walked close to 10 miles this week to help calm me down) and when we got home, Lincoln was out cold. Oh good, a few minutes to myself! I decided to try and do some editing since I have PILES to do. When Lincoln woke up, he was acting weird-almost lethargic. He was also really HOT. So much for being calm right? He wouldn't hardly move. I tried to take his temperature (which was nerve wracking trying to keep your 15 month old pinned down). The best I could tell was that it was 102% But really, I've never felt him so dang hot before!

He finally went back to sleep at about almost 1am. Blah... At 6am Saturday morning, he was up and ready to go. I knew my mom was coming down for the day to visit which could only mean one thing... Pedies and Kneaders Day!! Oh how I love my mom, she is so generous! That and I think she took pity on me after seeing my boy not doing well and my gross floors. We went to Kneaders first cuz we both were just starving, then we headed to the mall for some delicious pedicures. Oh man, it was wonderful. It's amazing how a pedicure can just brighten your day. We went and picked my sister up to do some wedding planning and went back to kneaders to see about a wedding cake. Apparently Lehi doesn't do them. We figured while we were there we might as well eat again. And that we did. I seriously never get sick of Kneaders!

Jory finally came home later Saturday night. He went to the grocery store to pick a few things up and get us a Red Box movie. I so very much needed a movie made for adults!

This morning Lincoln still was just laying around acting weird. He drank some milk out of his sippy cup and not even a minute later threw up on our bed. We both felt so sad for him. He's been like this all morning too. I am truly praying for this week to be so much better! You know when you just go through a bad week, you just need something good to happen to you? That's where I'm at right now.


Melissa said...

You know I'm ALWAYS here if you need anything!!! Love you Sherry!

Lindsay said...

Man after reading your post...I think I'm depressed. I can't tell you how many times this kind of situation has happened to me!!! It's such a bummer, when one thing happens, it all comes crashing down. I ask myself why does this have to happen?? I walk a lot too!!! Sometimes I wonder why I can't have the trial of having to much money!!! :)ha ha

Honestly and truly I wished I lived back in Utah. I left so many friends behind and sometimes I feel the same way you do...Who could I call when I really needed someone? (I want to be that person for people but It's hard to comfort over a post or comment!!!)

Moms are the best, they save the day. Hang in there :) :)