Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm sure my brother will be barfing that Lincs has been running around in his diapy so much, but it is bloody hot around here and this boy can NOT keep anything clean longer then a few minutes. I know this is how boys are, but it's secretly driving me CRAZY! Anyways, Lincoln is learning about chores pretty quick these days. The next post you'll see him doing dishes. I am going to have this kid trained so dang fast! I want him to grow up to learn that it is important to help his wife (and mom) around the house. I don't believe it's just the woman's job to take care of the cleaning and cooking. Jory learned that very early in our marriage and has been quite helpful with the household chores. Kids will learn from their parents habits.

It was a beautiful night when I took these pics. He was so dang cute flopping around that hose. I have some more hilarious ones to post later. There's also some fun ones of Lincs and his dad to post too that I know my mother in law will love! So stay tuned Tammy!!! =D

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