Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Worst Week EVER!

This last week has been one of the worst weeks I've had in a LONG time! It pretty much started last Sunday after our Bennett sibling party. Lincs hadn't been feeling well but I wasn't sure if he just had a cold or was starting to get some teeth. During our party, he seemed like his was getting worse. He wouldn't really sleep that much either. By about 9:30pm that night I called one of my friends to see where the nearest Insta Care cuz I knew something was wrong. Ash might not know this, but I SERIOUSLY about broke down bawling on the phone. I was so sad seeing Lincoln look THAT sick and I KNEW something was wrong. I was also just emotionally drained. Luckily we were able to make it there in time before it closed. The Dr that helped us was soo very nice. He looked in one ear and immediately says, "Wow, that's BAD." Then looks in the other ear and says, "So is that!" He told us they were so bad that there were blisters inside. ??? I've never heard of that! Again, ready to bawl... After over an hour at WalGreens waiting for 2 different Rx's we were on our way home. I was worried about Jory leaving for Toronto with Lincoln being so sick, but figured things would get better since he would be on meds for a few days. Little did I know what was around the corner for me.

Lincoln was just fussy and blah all day. Totally expected of course. We just layed around most of the day doing nothing. That night I started getting a little sick.

The crap really hits the fan. I was sick Tuesday, but had some errands I wanted to run. Plus I just wanted to get out of the house. I am not (nor have I ever been) a home body. I do believe this was a blessing in disguise because if this would have happened when Jory was gone, I WOULD have had a break down. I was in AF coming around the corner by the Olive Garden on State St to get on the free way to come home when my car just DIES. What the crap? I tried to restart it a few times but NOTHING. By this time I have a huge line behind me with people honking their horns and yelling at me from their cars. Clearly we have NO compassion down here for people who are having car problems. You would think "Happy Valley" Mormons are super nice here, but they're NOT! And YES, my emergency blinkers WERE on! I was sooo mad! I wanted to get out and punch that old man right in the face! What did he want me to do, push my own damn car off the road with a screaming baby in the back?? Ewww... I'm still fuming about it.

Jory was in Sandy working and was luckily almost done and was of course going to come right down to help. I tried calling a few people, but no one answered their phones. So I just sat there. What else could I have done? Finally after some time, a good Samaritan came and pushed me off the side of the road and into the parking lot. I am truly not exaggerating when I say that I said a prayer asking Heavenly Father to bless that man for being so kind and helping me out! We walked over to Target and walked around waiting for Jory to come. He finally came and couldn't figure anything out so we towed it over to Tunex-another head ache to come.

They told us they would look at it and call us in about 20 mins to tell us what was wrong. After an hour and a half of waiting, we finally asked if they knew what was wrong. Of course they had not idea. At first they said it was some engine sensors. $300- ok, yikes, but not as bad as we thought. Turns out it wasn't. Then they said it was a timing belt $700-800, so they attempted to fix that and then they said there must be some broken valves cuz it still wouldn't turn on. Really? Fantastic! So then they said they think there are some broken valves in there (what, we STILL don't know) and that it would be close to $3,000!!! What a bloody joke!

We told them we didn't know if we were going to fix it and would let them know and went home. I was (am) DEVASTATED!!!

Jory left that morning for Toronto. Both of us were starting to feel better by this point but because of Lincoln's meds, he was having blow out after blow out (6 in one day) and ALL of his clothes were covered in poop and his bum was starting to get so raw. We stayed home all day in our jammies and hoped that things would start looking better! I was going crazy feeling like I was STUCK in the house. That evening, I was talking to Jory, holding Lincoln and trying to get his meds out and ready for that battle when the bottle slipped out of my hand and dropped all over the floor. Yeah, that's not good. So we had to call in another Rx.

Still blowing out of his diaper like crazy. I've gone through about two sets of sheets by now. All his towels are dirty by this time from all the baths I gave him to help his poor little raw bum. My Geena and Bugs were kind enough to come get Lincs and I and take us to Costco to pick up a few things. When we were paying, the lady informed me that my Costco card had expired and that I wasn't allowed to purchase anything until I renewed it. Since my car was going to cost like $3,000-I was in no mood to renew my card. Geena said that I could use her card to pick up Linc's Rx. Well... they didn't take his insurance so we had to transfer it else where.

One of my friends lent me his car since I had so much to do and take care of. Bless them too God! We went to Wal Mart to get Lincs Meds and since the insurance felt it was too soon for a refill, we had to pay for it. But when your kid is sick, you just throw money to the wind and deal with it. I ran all over town collecting documents to apply for help with insurance since I have Endometreosis and need to get on meds for it soon. It seriously took HOURS to get everything together and then fax over to them. $8 for a fax??? LAME... Of course by this time, Lincoln had HAD it and was freaking out in the car. I still had to go deliver pics to someone that seemed upset that they hadn't gotten them yet. Ummm... having a BAD week-sorry! I picked the worse time to go and was stuck in after school traffic forever!

That night one of my BFF came down to hang out so life would be a little nicer/lighter for me. We had a great time hanging out. We ALWAYS do. We have so much fun laughing and laughing. So that was pretty much the best part of the week. Dinner at the mall and window shopping. Let's not mention a little gossiping here and there. C'mon now, if you are a girl and claim that you don't gossip, you're a liar!

Saturday was a lot better. My parents came down since we were having a Bennett gathering at the Lehi Kneaders. Hello... can't go wrong with that place. I was so happy to see my parents! My aunt gave all of us girls a beautiful bracelet that this Muslin lady made out in the Mid East. So sweet. Joel came to hang out at my house after while my parents went to my Dad's Christmas party. Joel was such a great help with Lincoln. I had lots of projects to work on for clients and he was sooo protective and watchful over Lincoln.

Today was pretty low key. I went to church and taught (one-totally awkward) Laurels. I had my visiting teacher stop by with treats. Get this... I have HOME TEACHERS NOW!!! I haven't had them in a LONG time! Jory will be tickled to find out it's his boyfriend. He stopped by with some treats too. His wife is one of the best cooks I know. SERIOUSLY! One of my Young Womens came over and helped out with Lincoln so I could work on a few more projects for clients. Such a blessing.

Lincs is having such a hard time with a lot of things right now. He won't sleep in his crib-AT ALL. He doesn't want to eat baby food-AT ALL. He wants to stand ALL THE TIME but since we have all hard wood, it's very unstable and landing on that is not super cool. He puts up the BIGGEST fight with his meds and getting his diaper changed. Which I can't blame him. That stuff smells nasty (so it probably is) and his poor bum is just RAW!!

If you've made it through reading all of this-Congrats! I am certain none of my in laws will read this as they hate reading period. Nor will my brother read this as he has ADHD and wouldn't last 2 seconds before updating his status AGAIN!I know this is long and probably boring but I wanted to record this for my own sake and to look down the road when I have other bad days and (hopefully) realize they couldn't have been as bad as this last week. I'm praying that this week is great and I get caught up on all my editing so I can enjoy Linc's first Christmas! Now, time for some pics. They may be boring, but they are some projects that I had been working on and I'm really proud of myself.

For our Bennett Sibling party, I drew Camilla's name. She asked for Kitchen stuff, so I made her an apron to go with her gifts. I saw matching scrapbook paper that went with the material for her apron and made her a frame to go in her kitchen.


A few of the kitchen stuff I put in her Apron pocket...


I made everyone some treats. Muddy Buddies! My friend made me some of these for my bday and I LOVED them!


I also made everyone a jar of jam and a loaf of bread. Yeah... did you catch that?? I M.A.D.E bread and jam!! Please... don't die of shock here. It all actually turned out well and I'm rather proud of myself.


Next post will be short and sweet I promise!


Hansens said...

See, I knew he was upset!Glad things were put in order and glad you have Home Teachers.

M said...

Well, this just goes to show that you have what it takes to be a parent! Give yourself some credit! BTW I wish you had my name for Christmas! ;o) The apron looks fabulous as well as the bread & jam! You go homemaker-girl! Luv ya!

Dave and Jaime said...

Sorry about your rough week, but you really impressed me. Look at those homemaking skills with all the homemade stuff you made! They all looked so good, and what is better than homemade gifts anyway. Way to go... you Hanna Homemaker!

ashleyboice said...

Sometimes it is good to write about the bad stuff because when you go back and read it you will remember that it DOES get better.

Hopefully it will all get better now that we are in a new week.

If you need anything...seriously...just call. I would love to help you out. Babysitter, advice, RIDES. Let me know.

Jeanie said...

Great job on the apron & frame! They look awesome! You forgot to mention your other bff that took you to get your stroller & other items you left in your car. ;) I also hope this week is better for you... TONS better!! Let me know if you need anything, k? Love ya!

- (¯`'·.¸ Geena ¸.·'´¯) - : said...

Your amazing!!! xoxo. Im so glad last week is over and that its been a better week.