Wednesday, May 26, 2010

George Jr.

When we had talked about names, Lincoln was the main one we agreed on. However, I LOVE the name George. Makes me giggle... =) It's also a nick name I've had for Jory since we were dated. I STILL love the name Lincoln, but as you look as these pics-there's a reason my sister Camilla calls my baby "George Jr."




Normally I don't think Lincs looks just like Jory but today as I was going through pics to order and came across these... Yeah-he looks just like him in these images!


Strickland Family said...

There is no doubt about that. He definitely looks like his dad.

Anonymous said...

Sherry I need to point out here that I was the first George in your life. Now you name all your loved ones after me, I'm flattered. At least I will never be forgotten.
Love you!
George ;)