Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Colic

Yesterday I took Lincs to the Dr because he was STILL having a hard time nursing. At first we thought it was because he had an ear infection and we were told he should be back to normal within a few days. Well, he wasn't! His Dr and I discussed all his symptoms and behaviour. In the end his Dr said Lincs has Colic. Oh man... it does explain a lot but I didn't want to think that's what it was. I was a little depressed because it's been hard and I know it'll be a few months before he's done, but what can you do? At least now I know and don't have to wonder what I'm doing wrong or if I'm just being a bad mom. Somewhat comforting...

Some of his symptoms are...
*not nursing normally (taking one gulp, arching his back and bawling)
*during the day fussiness
*a lot of evening crying and as of late SEVERE screaming and he IS a LOUD screamer!
*the need to be held and cuddled A LOT! Apparently this IS a symptom.


Nobody wants their baby to be colic, but you just learn to deal with it and recognize where and when your limits are. Breaks are good and needed. Friends that come to visit and INSIST on holding your baby cuz you need a break and because he's so darn cute, are even better! Lincs in no way is severely colic at all, but still-it's there. He does smile a lot and still wants to be held and cuddled all the time. I LOVE cuddling with my baby and since finding out that time really does fly when they're this young, I REALLY do try to just take in the moments. Letting the "freak out/crying till you really think he's going to stop breathing" moments be taken in strides is a MUST!


He is such a beautiful, sweet, strong baby and so easy to love. I could stare at him all day-easy. Life isn't complete without this little boy. I recognize how truly lucky I am to have him in my life. I am so grateful to even have the chance to not only be HIS mom, but a mom at all. I told Jory that if he was my only baby I would be so grateful and cherish him forever.


I love his little monkey feet in this picture! They make me giggle. The blanket he's laying on, his grandma Ward made for him. I love it and her! When she came to stay with us, she was such a huge help. On my bday, she cleaned my house and mopped my floors. HELLO!!!! To any new mom, this is an amazing gift am I right??


This past Christmas, all of Lincs Aunts went in and bought him some CUTE monkey clothing, blankets and a stuffed monkey. Seriously-I have the best sisters in the world. I love them a million strawberry-banana smoothies!! The little monkey sleeper he's wearing is from them and was his homecoming outfit. I think it's so adorable! Monkeys are just my thing right now. Of course, this outfit hardly fits now. Yesterday at the Dr's office, Lincs weighed in at 10lbs 15 ounces!! What a chubbers-I love it!


Jeanie said...

Oh Sher! I'm sorry he has colic! I hope he overcomes it quickly. If you need anything *at all* you know you can call me anytime, right? Love ya!

Laura said...

Hey, so sorry to hear that little Linc is uncomfortable. It'll pass, tho. Abbie went through a little bit of that. It's just hard because as the mom you feel so helpless. It sounds like you have a good attitude about it though. Hang in there! Call me if you need to chat! love ya!