Thursday, May 6, 2010



I don't really have anything exciting to report. Today Lincoln and I went out on our own for the first time. We went to the Win-Co that just opened up to buy food then we went to Target. Yeah... not exciting, but when you've been in the house so much recovering and taking care of a new born baby, it IS exciting!

I adore this pic of my baby boy! He is so perfect and beautiful to me. I LOVE his little lips, I could just eat them up. I love how his little bum is sticking up in the air as he sleeps. So sweet and he's all mine!


Laura said...

You said it... ADORABLE! That first outing feels kind of weird doesn't it??....Definitely nice too though.

Lisa S. Luckey said...

Awe...he is just so cute!

ashleyboice said...

he is beautiful.

Sara said...

Sherry, he is so beautiful. I am so happy for you! And congrats on the trip to Target! Funny how such a little thing (which would have been nothing at all before), can totally wear you out after something so traumatic! But don't worry. Just take your time... it will be "normal" again before you know it! The world keeps turning, even when yours stops! So congratulations for jumping back on for a short little ride! Welcome back to LIFE!

Rosie and Derek said...

He is absolutely precious, and so beautiful!!
Isn't it SO much harder to go places now?!