Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One for Dayle

Ok, so I really have a lot to post, but I've had 5 weddings just this month (and I've only posted ONE of them on my photo blog) and I've just been that busy!! I have stuff back from Memorial Day that I have posted either! Anyho... I was blog stalking-oh... I mean... surfing... yeah! and I found this on someones blog and thought it was HILARIOUS and had to share!

Is it just me or is anyone else have ears and throat that are super itchy??? Jory said it's just allergies, but I've never had them EVER before. I must say... they totally suck! I feel like I'm getting sick EVERY MORNING!!!

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ashleyboice said... sometimes don't have them until you've lived somewhere long enough for you body to get allergic. All you need is a little 24 hour zyrtec or claritin and you won't feel anything. Take the helps so me.