Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Luckiest Mom EVER!

I found this image in my stack of pics I still need to blog. I have been shooting a lot lately and am leaving for San Diego this weekend for a wedding. Super excited?? Pretty much!

When I found this picture of Lincoln, I seriously felt like the luckiest mom who ever lived. I can't get over how perfect he is for me. Period. So love him...

Over the weekend, Jory went on a Scout trip. I shot a wedding Friday while my best friend Jeanie watched him for me. She has been a lifesaver sooo many times with watching him. LOVE HER!! I picked him up and hung out for a while at her house. Jeanie had put her boys to bed and Lincoln was so VERY upset. He LOVES Jeanie's boys. He kept walking over to their bedroom door, laying on the floor and bawling for them to let him in. It was so sad (and cute). We went home and he was out cold in 5 minutes. I found out later that weekend that he hadn't had his nap that day at all. Poor Jeanie...

Saturday we hung out most of the day just Lincs and I. We snuggled on the couch and sang songs together until he started to fall asleep. As soon as I moved him to bed, he woke up and was acting a little weird. Then came the VOMIT. Anyone that knows me well, knows that I don't handle situations like this well AT ALL!! I cleaned everything up and started to do some laundry as it was all over the pillow, blankets and sheet. I was more then mortified to find out my dryer had just decided to STOP WORKING! Really? Today of all days? I had vomit chunks that needed to be taken care of IMMEDIATELY!! Once again, Jeanie helped me out (as did Ashley) by letting borrow their dryer. We now are on the hunt for a new dryer. Yuck... Why does everything have to break down at the same time?

I will post more pics of what's been going on soon!

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