Saturday, March 31, 2012

Poor Lincs!

Lincoln is sick. AGAIN. Shocker I know... I am seriously starting to wear thin here. I feel like this kid can never catch a break and just be healthy!! It started yesterday evening. I was working on a wedding and he came up to me just whining. I picked him up and he felt really warm and was acting super tired-which isn't like him at all!! So I brought him outside to Jory and he felt like Lincs was acting a little weird too. I took him inside and laid him on our bed. He was asleep within 2 minutes or less. Jory went to Cort's house and I started doing things around the house. I stopped to check on Lincoln and when I walked into the room, he was breathing really hard and fast. I started to panic. I felt his head and it was HOT. I then felt his little chest and could feel his heart beating really fast and did some weird beat thing. I knew something was WRONG with this kid. I gave him some Tylenol and called Jory. When Jory came home and felt how hot he was, he started stripping his clothes and ran the bath water. We were getting different tempetures readings, so I just didn't trust any of them. He was getting super cranky and we decided just to take him into Insta Care.

When we took him in, they checked his temp and it was 104!!! After I had Lincs in the hospital, I was super sick and had a 104 fever. The nurses were literally panicking. I then asked them what all this meant and one of my nurses said, "It doesn't mean your going to die, BUT..." Wow! They then told me that 105, you can go brain dead. So when they told me Lincoln's temp was this high, I was seriously freaked out! They did a chest x-ray to see if he had Pneumonia, but luckily it turned out fine. We were told to go to the hospital and have some nasal test done. When we got there, they told us to come back the next day because the person wasn't there. Okay... dummies! Sorry, we are beyond EXHAUSTED over here!

We were up half the night with Lincoln cuz we were of course super worried and he was just cranky. Jory put him back in the tub at 6am-or earlier. We just headed back to the hospital for his test. This time when we got there, they told us they weren't set up to do the test he needed in that hospital. Why they couldn't tell me that yesterday is beyond me. So we went back down to UVR (I seriously hate that hospital) and when the nurse saw what test we had to have done, she told us that she had no clue why they ordered that test because if it's just the flu, there's nothing they can do for him but let it run its course. How annoying. So they stuck a hose up his nose and sucked some snot out. Gross, I know, but it is what it is!

He has been hot off and on today, but he hasn't been hot this evening, which is WONDERFUL! One of my dear friends texted me and asked me if she could bring me dinner. I always feel bad saying yes to stuff like this, but SERIOUSLY... it was SUCH a blessing today! I had been taking care of him most of the day and had forgotten to take a minute to feed myself. I took a nap this afternoon with him and woke up feeling SUPER sick. When I stopped to think when the last time I had eaten a meal, I about died. I think it was lunch time yesterday, but then again, it could have been breakfast because the last meal I had eaten was cereal. Which really, it isn't a real meal! So for this friend, I am truly so very grateful!

Next week is Lincoln's 2nd Birthday. I am so excited. I want to be one of those moms who makes birthdays fun and special. I have some fun things planned, so I'm hoping all goes well and he is healthy in time for the big day. Should be fun! I am shooting everyday this upcoming week (except on his bday of course!) It will be a busy, busy week. It will be amazing though! I can't believe how many weddings and sessions I have been booking lately! I am so blessed!

I will post pics of Lincs soon though! I am hoping to do his 2 year pics next week!!! Yeah, a little (or a lot) nervous for it!

PS-By the way, my Dad is doing GREAT!! They ended up putting him under and shocking his heart. However, it made his heart start beating regularly. He got to leave the hospital that night and still went back to work that week (against my mother's demand to spend the rest of the week at home resting).

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Hansens said...

Poor guy! And poor mommy and daddy! Hope he gets feeling better soon.