Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wendy Okazaki

Who likes massages?! My friend Wendy Mayo Okazaki is the most AMAZING Massage Therapist ever!! I did trade with her for her wedding and it has been well worth it! We did some pics to promote her for her upcoming website and thought I'd post a few. Anyone interested in getting an amazing massage can contact her at the following...

Wendy 801.472.3907 or mayomassageclinic@gmail.com



For more pics of this gorgeous girl, check out my S.W. Portraits Blog!

1 comment:

Hillary and Family said...

Sher I miss you.

Oh yeah and I love the coloring in the first picture where she's sitting and I think your trade for massages was a majorly good idea! That was a good score, I LOVE a good massage!