Monday, September 1, 2008



Prison Break Season 4 has started! I have been in love with this show since it started a few years back. When season 3 ended last winter with the possibility of been canceled, I was totally devastated. Much to my delight, a new season started tonight. Oh how fabulous-a two hour premiere!If only it could do this every week!What an amazing show! This season seems like it will be awesome and even better... our beloved Sara is back! =)

PS-On a photographers note... I love the flare they used on this pic!


Peter McD said...

I watched this last night! It was so awesome! I think this season will be pretty intense. Love, Laura (Peter was already logged in so I used his account.)

Christensen's said...

Jed and I have never really gotten into any shows,with the exception of Seinfield, but I have heard a lot about this one. I scheduled an appointment for next Tuesday night with Lisa. Let me know if that works for you.