Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old School Family

When I went to Toronto this summer, I got to see my Grandma, uncle and great grandma. It was so much fun to sit and talk! Grandma got out all her pics and let me go through them and take a few to scan. This is a HUGE deal! She's NEVER let ANYONE take pics before so I feel very grateful! I have more to post about Toronto by the way, but like everything else, that will come later. So anyho... the first two pics are of my grandma and grandpa Smurf's wedding. I LOVE these pics! Esp. where the rice is being throw. I think it's rice... maybe it's feathers or something. Either way, totally cool!! My grandpa is such a babe!




This pic is amazing too cuz it's my mom and her siblings when they are CLEARLY very young! On the far left in the dark hair is Aunt Deanna and in the middle is Uncle Danny and the blonde on the end is my mom. I think this is the cutest pic ever!


Dave and Jaime said...

Love the family photos! I really love old photos and memorabilia. I just think whatever memories we have from the past a such a treasure.

brenley said...

how neat!!! what great photos! i love old photos like that.

and i love the wedding photos and the picts of mike's kids - soooo cute!

miss you!