Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Last week we went up the canyons to shoot an Engagement session. We thought that afterwards we would attempt the tripod and self timer again to see what we could come up with for Christmas Cards this year. Those that have received their cards know that we obviously did not pick one of them! However, it was peaceful riding up the canyons and watching in awe the beautiful white snow. There was just so much! I took quite a few scenic pics and love them!

On the picture of just Jor, I was only testing the lighting, but thought that it turned out to be really nice of him. Notice how deep he is in the snow... This is how the Engagement Session was too!

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MiNdY said...

Oh My goodness! Can we say GORGEOUS!?! Yet again, I LoVe them!! You are SO awesome with that camera, Ideas, and all the scenery pictures you get! Next time you are just trying it out.. tell Cody and I. We'll help take some for you guys.. and you can get a couple of us! :) Heh.. How many times do you get that offer?? We need a new little family picture. I dont think we've had one since before weston.
Again.. AWESOME! :)