Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Day with Laura and Peter

I was so excited to be able to spend a few days with Laura and Peter! Sunday, Laura and I hung out at my house and talked pretty much the whole day! I loved being about to talk with her in person. This is one of the very few things I miss about Missouri! Monday, Peter came with us to Gardner Village up West Jordan. The little shops are so adorable and have interesting history behind them. I took pictures to document our trip. Sometimes I feel that pictures are the most priceless treasures.

I saved my favorite picture for last. This is Laura and Peter. Aren't they a gorgeous couple? They have been through so much and yet, always seem to rise above and stay so strong. They are such an inspiration to me in many ways.


Alex~Hillary~Allyson~Olivia~Alayna~Phoebe said...

You're trying t make me jealous now, aren't you! :)

Laura said...

Oh, these turned out great! When do I get my CD of pictures?! :) I'm ready to scrapbook! I enjoyed Gardner Village so much-- the shops were so cute! Thank you again for taking pictures of our day together. It did me good to see you. I miss talking to you and Hillary. Just today I popped in the Forgotten Carols and got sad... it's just not the same without Hillary reading it to us! Miss you guys dearly.