Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rough Night...

Last night was kind of brutal! Lincoln was up all night crying, tossing and turning. Towards the morning, he was wheezing pretty bad and had fast rapid breathing. So we started out the Sabbath with a trip to the Insta Care. They did another x ray of his chest and the dr didn't like what he saw. He said it could possibly be Viral Pneumonia or some sort of lung infection. He also thought Lincoln might have asthma as well. Which they said that last time we went in too. He only seems to have symptoms of asthma when he gets sick though. Either way, long night and a long morning at insta care. I sure wish that place was equipped with Drs like his regular pediatrician. I really like him a lot.

 We came home and Lincoln and I snuggled in bed and had a nap. I swear his nap was only 15 mins long. When he woke up, he was BURSTING with energy. Those levels have gone up and down today though. I wish I could sleep all day! Here is a pic of me and my cute boy snuggling together. LOVE moments like this.

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