Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Today was a nice and relaxing day.  I got home from Texas later in the evening and then hung out with Jory at the Fish Trade show thing. They did really well. We got home, said goodbye to Jory's AMAZING mother who came to help take of Lincoln while I was gone. Just as she was leaving, my mother showed up to bring our family an Easter Basket and take Lincs and I out to Kneaders. Jory had to go help Cort with some orders so he had to miss out. I was EXHAUSTED by the time we got back. Lincoln went right to sleep with out any fight at all when we got home. However, he didn't sleep well at all last night again. Poor little guy! Today we all pretty much stayed in bed and just hung out. We seriously needed it. Apparently I was MORE exhausted then I realized-I not only slept in, but after 2 hours of being awake and hanging out with Lincs, I fell back asleep for several hours.

My mom invited us for dinner at their place. I was beyond grateful because I was (As usual) in no mood to cook and I had forgotten that it was Easter weekend until I was in Texas. I can't be more grateful they live in Bountiful instead of Ogden now. So nice to not have to drive as far! We drove up there in time for dinner and finally gave Lincoln his Easter Basket. I brought up some chocolate eggs and put them around my parents yard for Lincs and Dash to collect. Dash just wanted the chocolate-can you blame him though? The boys had fun together and actually played well with each other. Dinner was DELICIOUS and we ate ourselves sick of course! =D After dinner, we took the boys to the park next to my parents house and they had a BLAST!!! It was soooo much fun to watch them both in their element and just so dang happy. I did not even take a single picture at all. I am a little sad, but I needed a camera break after my trip this weekend. That and at least I am documenting it right?! ;) We are back home relaxing on the couch now. This week will bring LOTS of work for us both-which is GREAT! I do think Jory is FINALLY realizing we need a family vacation though! LOL...

Anyways, in honor of Easter today, I did want to post a STUNNING image of Christ that I found! Everyone on FB is posting their Easter outfits and baskets, and it's almost driving me nuts. Wait, no it totally just is. Maybe that is why I boycotted taking any pics today. I just wanted a day with my family and to remember WHY we celebrate to begin with. This image by Mark Mabry is so beautiful! Jory gave me a copy of Reflections of Christ a few years ago for Christmas and I LOVE this work! It is so beautiful and emotional for me. Easter to me is about Christ and His divine sacrifice for us all. He died that we could live again. He made it possible for us to be with our families forever and to be reunited with our loved ones that have passed. He died for us because He LOVES US. No one is exempt from this. Not one person. Of course, it is up to us if we partake of this beautiful gift He has given us.

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