Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Buzzlight Year!

  For the last year, Lincoln has been in the Kids on the Move program as his speech and eating has been delayed. No my son is NOT autistic and no I am NOT in denial about it either. Anyways, this program has been just amazing for Lincoln and I. He has really progressed and come so far. It truly has also helped me as a parent find ways of discipline that work for me and him. We've found the ways that don't work and so we know to avoid using those tactics. Lincoln is talking a lot more, trying new foods (according to my parents, I was a SUPER picky and light eater growing up as well-so I think he just gets this from me!) and his behavior has improved a lot. Lincoln has about 3 therapists working with him right now and attends different classes 3 times a week. Sometimes it's just exhausting for me, but he loves it!

   Last week, Cameron came over and Lincoln brought out a Buzzlight Year chair my cousin had got him. This chair unfolds and you can wear it as a costume as well-sort of! Anyways, Lincoln wanted Cameron to put it on him and chase him around. Lincoln LOVES to chase and be chased. Nothing makes him happier (except maybe snuggles with mom of course!) It was sooooo cute, so I had to record it. I wish I was better at recording Lincoln's daily life. He is hilarious!

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