Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moments with Mom

I love capturing tender moments that moms share with their kids. Nothing melts my heart more. Ok, so when my kid FINALLY goes to sleep might have to top that one. While we were in Idaho, my father in law took our friends and their kids out on what seemed like many rides on his horses. The Peterson kids were in HEAVEN! Autumn was a pro as soon as she looked at the dang horses! As I was busy taking pics of Graycee and Casady, we saw them coming up the road on the horses. How could I resist? I thought, what a sweet moment this is! I love being able to take time out of busy life and just BE A MOM! I know Karen is one busy woman, so I know this was a special time for her. I also know that when her kids are older, they will CHERISH these photos! Who wouldn't want photos of themselves with their mom just hanging out?

Aren't these darling??

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