Saturday, September 3, 2011


 Not a day goes by that I thank my Heavenly Father for this CUTE boy. I truly think I am so blessed to have HIM in my life. This morning again, he woke up, sat next to me and smiled. Then he bent down and gave me a kiss on the lips again. I was still sleeping, but Jory was giggling the whole time and it was just so sweet! Today Lincoln and I got in the car and went scouting for photography spots. We walked for a long time, but it was so nice to just spend time with him. We both love going for walks. We went to the prettiest place in Lehi. I can't wait to shoot there!

I did a photo shoot of my little nephew Parker tonight. Oh man is he so cute! I got home and even though I wasn't hungry, I forced myself to eat something. Lincoln was just watching me so I put him in his high chair and pulled out a fruit cup. He was SO HAPPY!! He loves peaches! This time, I remembered the bib! He gobbled those things up so fast. I put a few other things on his tray to see if he would eat those, but he could only see those peaches. At least you could say we are progressing.

I am so in love with these pics!!! His little face and those BEAUTIFUL eyes are so adorable and I just can't get enough of them! 


Jory Ward said...

Love these pics. Makes me smile.

Hillary Sperry said...

Agreed! Super cute pics Sher! Did you use a different lens for those last ones? So glad he's finding some fruit to like!