Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Almo Part 1

A week ago we went up to Almo for Brayklee's bday. It was a lot of fun and Lincoln had the time of his life! He's just a very few pics I took. I'll post more as well. Lincoln LOVED Grandpa's tractor SO VERY MUCH! He also loved seeing the horses. He even let Grandpa hold him and take him over to the horses. Grandpa let all the kids ride horses, Lincoln was too scared to be on the horse, but he just wanted to look at them regardless. He was such a little free spirit up there. Jeff and Karen's family joined us on our trip and I'm pretty sure their kids were in Heaven too. Lol.. It was for sure a fun weekend away. Look how beautiful my boy boy is! Oh man, I don't think I can ever get over HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM!!

Pretty much one of the most disgusting pics I've seen of myself but it was the ONLY pic of me in Almo, so I had to document for my boy.

The next two pics are quite disturbing. Lincoln has some CRAZY hair that was so ratted and I couldn't fix it. I even tried putting conditioner in his hair. Did not work. Just look at that poor hair... It has since then been cut! I was getting nervous it was going to turn into dreads any day.

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Hillary Sperry said...

Haha! Love the hair pics Sher! Pretty much I think you're the best momma ever. Love the tractor pics too :)