Monday, March 8, 2010

Thoughts for Today

I have this really good friend that is so good at updating her blog and I find myself checking it daily to see what's new in her life. She is always so creative, working on new fun projects and having so much fun with her little girl. I'm so excited that she is also prego and we are about 12 weeks apart! I just wished we lived closer. Anyways, my point to all of this is that she has been my inspiration in keeping my blog updated more often. When I was first prego, my goal was to keep an accurate journal of everything, but that turned out to be a winner. So Laura, you're just going to have to continue to be my inspiration for this blog!

I went to the Dr this morning. I have less then a month to go and everything continues to go well. I am at 1cm right now and baby's head has defiantly dropped. Good sign... He is still moving like crazy in there just not as strong (probably cuz he has no more room left). I'll continue the weekly visits until he is born. I'm more then anxious for this pregnancy to be over! That and I'm too dang excited to meet this person already!

While we were at the Dr's, the nurse told us that Dr.Baxter was delivering a baby and there might be a wait. I asked her how long she thought it would take and she said about 15-20 mins. ????? Oh really? It only takes that long to deliver a baby these days?? She told me it depends because on new moms, it usually takes a little longer. Oh, and how long would that be? She told me about an hour and that Dr.Baxter is pretty fast. Hmmmm... at that point I was 100% MORE confident then I already was that I had picked the best Dr. for me.

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Christensen's said...

Hopefully he gets to do the delivery. Only once has my actual doctor delivered me. I guess it all depends on when you go into labor. Hopefully sooner than later :)