Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Start of a New Semester

I'm excited to announce that I am happily back in school. It's funny cuz I was one of those girls that never really liked school. Now... I CRAVE it. I'm taking Advanced Photo Studies, Alternative Photo 2 and History of Art from the Renaissance. I love my classes so far. In a way of course, they push my to think outside my box and out of my element-which of course is good. There are ways that I have to think that I don't want to think (very deep and personal). Art is by far, is an emotion. A lot of the students REALLY get into their art-I mean to the extreme. I sometimes find myself just gawking at them thinking, "Am I just on a whole other planet or how in the crap did you ever THINK of such a thing?" To each their own I suppose. At any rate, I'm thrilled to be back!



In my Advanced Photo class, I'm thinking of doing a social documentary with the concept of "What is it that we hunger for that gives us our personal gratification?" I wanted to focus a lot of the project on the homeless vs. the ones where they have it all, but it is never enough. I also wanted to focus on the homeless to make myself feel more gratitude for how good I really do have things despite current situations in my life. Well... The project is not going as well as I hoped so far and I may end up changing my idea all together. We'll see... But here were a few (horrible-not even close to what I consider good photography-a drive by shooting haha... not literally!) images that did break my heart. As bad as times may be for a lot of us, at least this isn't me.


Anonymous said...

i like this one, you should try playing with the contrast. Maybe making the backround more dark and lighting up the guy. Love you


Jill said...

Hey Sherry! Could you email me your home address? I want to invite you to a baby shower but don't think I have your home address. Thanks Sherry! Have fun at school!

Sara said...

Yea! School... sigh... I always did love it. It feels like a lifetime ago for me, but NOW I think I would LOVE it. Enjoy it for me! :)