Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Graduation Jessica.

I can't believe my baby sister is graduating from High School today! Jessica is 11 years younger then me and I can still remember her as a baby. She looked just like Shirley Temple with her round face and SUPER curly locks. She was such a beautiful baby/child and was always so happy. Now she's GORGEOUS and I love how we can always have such deep conversations about anything and everything. Really... I can talk to her about anything. She's not judgemental but willing to see things at all different sides. I love her sooooo much and am very proud of her. I can't be happier that she's my sister.

Jess... I love you and am so proud of you graduating tonight! I can't wait to see you! You will go far in life if you believe in yourself and you have so much in you that is great that you SHOULD believe in yourself! Remember who you are and that I love you forever and a day. Ok... choking up here, gotta go! See you tonight!


scrambled brains said...

Awesome post Sher! Sisters are the best!

cort said...

Is she a triplet? The photo of the triplets on the tracks is really great. Beautiful!