Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby's Room Sneak Peak

Lincoln and I have been working on baby's room.  Now that we know there's about 5 days to go, I SERIOUSLY am in panic and nesting mode. Truly, it is driving me crazy! We got a lot done today and I am feeling a little more prepared. Please don't ask about the rest of the house though. Geez... Anyways, here's a little sneak peak of baby's room. Still lots to do and I am ashamed that I am far too lazy to take out my good camera to take pics. I seriously hate camera phone quality!

Like I said, just a small sneak peak with lots still to do and projects to finish. I really LOVE decorating baby's nurseries. 

Lincoln LOVES the new glider-as do I!!! It glides so easily without having to use much stomach muscle-which is nice for a recovering c section! I am having someone custom make some bedding (we are trading for photography-yes please!!!) and hopefully that will be ready soon! I am so excited for how everything is coming together. It will be super cute when it's all finished!

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Hansens said...

Nice! Do you know what you're naming this baby? Just curious