Wednesday, July 10, 2013

9 Years Later...

   I should be working right now. I have a huge (and AMAZING) bridal session that needs to be edited right away. Instead, I have been going through our blog from way back when admiring how skinny I was, how we went to Hawaii and actually did a lot of fun stuff. I took a lot of cool pics for me-not just my clients. What has happened to my life?! My sister in law Dayle and I were talking about how we need to be living it up and having fun in life. So very true. Fun these days consists of staying up late mopping my floors while Lincs is in bed. Ummmm... yeah, I smell the need for change. Very badly.

     Today is also our 9th anniversary. Life has been so chaotic that we both kind of forgot about it. I figured the cliche thing to do would be to post some wedding pics, but then I looked at them and decided against that idea. Jory looked a little stressed out in many of them. So then as I was going through our blog, I came across Kade and Jessica's wedding. They got married in July of 2008. 2 days after our anniversary. We both looked pretty damn good that day, so I will post those.

   And how did we celebrate our forgotten anniversary today? We went and saw Dr Baxter today. Things still look good with this baby and we were going to do our c section on the 22nd because that's when he'd be back from vacation, but I am shooting a wedding on the 27th and felt like that wouldn't be enough recovery time. Both of us feel REALLY bad that we are now going to have another Dr do it. I TRULY love my dr, but I need to do what's best for my health. We could tell Baxter felt bad too. :( ANYWAYS... if all goes well, this little boy is set to arrive on July 16th. We are excited and scared all at the same time. 2 kids... WOW! We know we can do it, but we are still freaking out about it all. Some how we will make it through.

    This evening we went to dinner. Oh how I LOVE going out to dinner-minus Lincoln who likes to create scenes and be a drama king. The server went to seat us in a booth and apparently my belly is larger then life because I LITERALLY could not fit! NOT JOKING HERE!! It was so embarrassing but I couldn't help but laugh. So we had to be seated else where. Nice... I had scheduled a bridal session this evening (remember, we forgot it was our anniversary) so Jory and Lincoln came along since it was up the canyons and Lincoln LOVES going to the mountains!

    We still have A LOT to do around the house to get things ready. All I really want to do is take a torch to this house and start fresh and new else where. Sorry, but the truth is what it is! I am so limited with what I can help with and it's been beyond discouraging. I have still been feeling super sick a lot. In fact, today was one of those days. I just feel like I have the stomach flu all the time anymore! Can't wait to get this baby out of me! Then, I am going to get super skinny again and I can't wait for that either. I probably shouldn't mention that I can't wait to be able to eat a chocolate, caramel apple again either while saying I can't wait to get super skinny too eh?! ;)

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