Thursday, April 11, 2013

Courage Reins Part 1

For the past few months, Lincoln has been in a Horse back riding class with Kids on the Move. He did NOT like it at first. My poor boy is scared of new things and change (unless it's new toys of course). It takes him a while to warm up to new things and people. I defiantly would love to break him of this. He really wanted Dad or I to be there with him on the horses, but there's a reason why we weren't a allowed to do that. Lincoln has struggled with separation anxiety (mainly with me) since the day he was born. It didn't take Gary long to pick up on this either.  This class helps them with this-among other things. But we have noticed such a great progression with him as we were consistent in having him do this-kinda like brushing his teeth! LOL!!! Anyways, I brought my camera a few times and took some pics. This session was a bad day for him and he was NOT happy to be there. By the time the class ended for him, he loved to go.

 One of his therapists name is Gary and Lincoln LOVES Gary! He has been AMAZING to work with. He came to our house about 2 times a month to work on different things. There were days that it was REALLY hard, but Gary is consistent and on top of things. This is one thing he taught me that is so important. How can you expect good results and behavior with your kid if you aren't consistent and on top of their issues? I really learned a lot from him and how to be a better mother for my child. We had two main therapists we worked with and both of them were so kind and compassionate. Words can not express my gratitude for Kids on the Move. I SERIOUSLY recommend them to ANYONE.

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