Monday, April 22, 2013

Conference & Marriage.

It seems every conference we are hanging out with Jor's family so I wasn't able to watch conference this April. :( It seriously makes me so sad! I LOVE conference. Now that wedding season is in full swing, I am up many late nights editing so I've been listening to it while I edit. It's seriously not the same at all! Anyways, the other night I was able to read an AMAZING talk on my phone (LOVE having the Gospel Library on my phone-so beyond worth it!). It was by James E. Faust on marriage. It was really good! I'll have to share it on here sometime but it basically talked about how important marriage is and how we need to be putting our spouse above anyone or anything. It gave a lot of good pointers on how we can do that. If you haven't read/watched it, you totally need to!

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