Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sick Day

I have been in bed all day today. Sick. Not fun at all! But i figured it would be a good day to catch up on our moments we want to remember! I really want to be better at preserving life memories for Lincoln. I know he will love it when he is older.

 Last week our plumbing went out completely. It has been soooo cold this month-like below freezing. Jory figured our pipes had just froze and for two days he was under the house trying to un thaw them. We literally had not a drop of water coming out of any faucet in our house. It was beyond miserable for me. Jory would live like the pioneers if I would let him, but that just doesn't work for my lifestyle! I love my modern lifestyle and have a hard time even camping anymore! Anyways, our good friends Cort and Ashley insisted on us coming over for a sleepover so we'd at least have a place to use the bathroom, shower and just have running water. I seriously will FOREVER be grateful for their generosity! I had been going over to Jeanie's house to shower and will always be grateful for that as well. But really, I just wanted to be in a normal house!

 Cort called the city because we started to suspect it may not be our pipes. We were without water for 3 days. Totally unacceptable! They came right out and told us it was THIER pipes that were frozen. So they took care of that right away. While we were at the Boice's house, Lincoln woke up with a weird cough and it instantly caused a red flag for me. It was dry and horse sounding. He got up and played like nothing was wrong though. But still... I knew something was wrong. Over the weekend, he got REALLY sick. (I am REALLY hoping we didn't leave our germs at their house) There was NO WAY I was taking him to Insta Care though. That place sucks.

 The next morning he still was really bad, so I called his Pediatrician that I love soooo much and we took him in. It didn't take long for Dr Clayton to diagnose him with croup. I was devastated, but not all that surprised. I told him that I really have a hard time getting Lincoln to take meds orally and he said he had a few things we could try, so he tried his trick and Lincs kicked and screamed the whole time and ended up spitting everything on the Dr like he does with us. Dr Clayton said that since we can't get him to take his meds orally we'd probably just have to give him a few shots for the croup. Yeah, PLEASE DO!! It would make our life so much easier. It took 3 of us to hold him down and give him a shot. The nurse said, "WOW, he is REALLY strong." Yes, this is something we have been hearing since the day he was born. This kid is a FIGHTER!

 He is finally starting to feel better after almost a week of misery-for ALL of us. We have been holding him, comforting him, TRYING to get him to eat anything at all and not to mention up ALL NIGHT long for 3 long nights trying to calm him as he cried the WHOLE NIGHT. It has been the WORST sickness EVER! And now I am sick. It has been miserable. I can't sleep at night because all I do is cough and drink water because my throat is so dang dry. I am praying I am feeling somewhat better tomorrow as I have to shoot a wedding. That and I REALLY would LOVE an Orange Julius right about now.

We are hoping for a better week next week! =D

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