Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brushing Our Teeth

I have recently made a change in my life. I use to be a Crest girl ALL.THE.WAY!! Then I tried a specific Colgate brand and was hooked! My teeth feel SO fresh and clean. May sound lame and boring to most, but this is a huge deal to me! I find myself brushing more cuz I love the feel of how clean my teeth feel. Tonight I was brushing my teeth when Lincs walked in and was watching me. I handed him his little tooth brush and he INSTANTLY popped it in his mouth and started to "brush his teeth."

I WAS SO DANG PROUD!! It was a "run and grab the camera," moment!!!! LITERALLY!! LOL...
He then wanted my tooth brush as well as his. I know most people think this is gross, but after witnessing 3 year olds having all 4 of their upper teeth removed because they were so rotten and having 4 root canals and 4 crowns IN ONE SITTING, I am more then happy to share my tooth brush with my boy! This PROUD mom took several photos OF COURSE.

In other news, Lincoln's first real word is NO. Imagine that. We have been told no by him quite a bit lately. Then again, that's probably the only word he ever hears us say to him to! HA HA HA!! Still, pretty cute when he shakes his head no while saying no. I'm sure the cuteness of it will wear off quite soon!

Oh... and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear, sweet cousin Ang! Love & miss you!

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