Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Please Help!

A friend of mine is going to Africa next month and sent me the following email about helping out some families in Africa. It's amazing to me that only $21 US dollars would help feed a family of 5 for ONE MONTH! That wouldn't last a week at our house. We likes to EAT! Anyways, I'm posting this to try and help get the word out in hopes that we can get a ton of people to help donate money and supplies for her and her husband to take over next month. If any of you readers (even if we don't know each other and you're just stalking me) would like to help out in anyway, please leave a comment, email me or call me ASAP! What a perfect time of year to help others in need. I always find that I feel of the Christmas Spirit when I help those less fortunate then I.

Stephen and I are traveling to Zimbabwe Africa over Christmas and after talking with our friends in Harare have found that LDS members and many others are in desperate need of everyday supplies and food. We will be able to distribute many supplies and also be able to buy Mini Meal (similar to corn meal) to take to families.

$21.00US will feed a family of 5 for 1 month by purchasing 3- five pound bags of Mini Meal.

Along with Mini meal we will purchase or provide them with seed packets, salt, oil & 2 bars of soap to wash their clothes and themselves.

Other items that were mentioned:

Cloth Diapers & Pins

Ivory Soap for babies

Seeds (tomato, onion, squash, peppers, corn, etc)

Pencils with sharpeners


Soap for adults

Anti-Bacterial Soap

Toothbrushes and paste

Tylenol, Advil or other

Neosporin or other antiseptic cream


Bug Repellent

$ for food

We appreciate your consideration. Anything is helpful because everything is needed.

If you are interested in helping please email or call. We’re asking that all items be ready or delivered by Saturday, December 20th.

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